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Tight Metal Bondage in My Boots

You all know I love to be locked in handcuffs, but elbow and thumb cuffed as well ? Yikes ! I also have shackles locked over my favorite boots. This may be a tricky position to escape from, but Im sure gonna try !

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Twice As Nice

Whats better than me handcuffed and shackled ? How bout 2 pairs of handcuffs and 2 sets of shackles ! See me as i unlock the cuffs and shackles, but then realize, i like them better on my wrists and ankles


Handcuffed on the Playground

It was a sunny summer day and Nicki wanted to play. So I came to the park and saw a nice jungle gym. But of course, it wouldnt be fun unless i was handcuffed. See me climb all over, not easy while in cuffs !

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Strait Jacket & Shackled Balloon Popping

I love my leather strait jacket, strange i know but i feel safe in it. But when asked to do challenges, its a different story. I have to pop balloons on top of the bed, and my barefeet are shackled too. I was told I can use my hands, haha. And at the end, i need some help getting out of this thing.

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Ouch ! Clothespins

Ok, so I do like some pain, but clothespins ? Umm Ok I will give it a try. OUCH these little bastards hurt ! But there is nothing I can do, as I am handcuffed to the sides of bed. How many is going to put on me ?

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A Spanking New Video

Watch as I have my nice round ass spanked with my friends barehand. I love to be spanked ! My panties are pulled down showing you my bubbly round ass. he spanks me until it turns a nice shade of red, but did i enjoy it !

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Blindfolded, Handcuffed and Shackled Wax Play

Watch as I have hot wax dripped over my body as I lay handcuffed and shackled and unable to see. My perky breasts are open for you to see as the warm wax is dripped on them. Mmmm I love this stuff !


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Cuffed & Collared

See me handcuffed, collared and shackled wearing just my favorite pair of black boots. Im nude atop the bed wearing a spiked collar and boots with shackles locked on them. Mmm i love this feeling !

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Happy St Patricks Day

See me dressed in my sexy St Pattys day outfit. Nice shots of my round firm ass !

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Wrapped Tight in Shrink Wrap

Ok, i admit I love to be bound in shrink wrap. Im weird ! See me all snug in my bra and panties, as well as me in handcuffs.

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