Over 30 Sexy Fetish Videos of Me !


7 Pairs of Socks !!!

Watch me as I find 7 pairs of socks while I am blindfolded atop the bed. Thats the easy part ! Now I have to put these 7 pairs of socks on my feet together ! Will I be able to complete this challenge ?

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Shrink Wrapped in my Bra & Panties

Watch me struggle to escape from the shrink wrap that binds my body. Laying on the bed, wearing just a bra and panties, i struggle to free myself from the clingy wrap. Can i escape ?

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Strait jacket in Desert Canyon

Watch me walk in my strait jacket in a hot desert canyon. No way I can escape this thing, and its sooo hot. Help me please !


Crushing Grapes in my Bare Feet

Watch as a crush grapes using my bare feet. Then i have shackles locked on me and i crush some more. My piggies are all sticky

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Whip Cream and Handcuffs... Anyone ?

See me play with a can of whip cream while i am handcuffed. I lovvvvveee whip cream ! Eating it and spraying it on my breasts Yummy !



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Bondage w Pink Doggie Bone Gag

See me locked in handcuffs and shackles while i have a big pink doggie bone in my mouth. I guess i been doing too much blabbing so i had this gag locked in my mouth. Its ok I like to be gagged, its the drool i dont like lol

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Handcuffed Selfies

You all know I love to be handcuffed, so why not lock cuffs on myself and take pictures. Here is a collection of the many selfies I have taken of myself from over the past year.

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Cuffed & Collared

See me handcuffed, collared and shackled wearing just my favorite pair of black boots. Im nude atop the bed wearing a spiked collar and boots with shackles locked on them. Mmm i love this feeling !

Number of pictures: 88

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Blue n Black Panties


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