Handcuffed Nude in the Desert

See me totally naked wearing nothing but handcuffs, oh and sneakers .. lol. I love to be naked its such a free feeling, of course, im not free as I have handcuffs on my wrists

Number of pictures: 72

Bondage w Pink Doggie Bone Gag

See me locked in handcuffs and shackles while i have a big pink doggie bone in my mouth. I guess i been doing too much blabbing so i had this gag locked in my mouth. Its ok I like to be gagged, its the drool i dont like lol

Number of pictures: 71

Handcuffed Selfies

You all know I love to be handcuffed, so why not lock cuffs on myself and take pictures. Here is a collection of the many selfies I have taken of myself from over the past year.

Number of pictures: 71

Cuffed & Collared

See me handcuffed, collared and shackled wearing just my favorite pair of black boots. Im nude atop the bed wearing a spiked collar and boots with shackles locked on them. Mmm i love this feeling !

Number of pictures: 88

Happy St Patricks Day

See me dressed in my sexy St Pattys day outfit. Nice shots of my round firm ass !

Number of pictures: 63

Wrapped Tight in Shrink Wrap

Ok, i admit I love to be bound in shrink wrap. Im weird ! See me all snug in my bra and panties, as well as me in handcuffs.

Number of pictures: 62

Duct Tape Bondage

Ok you all know I love bondage, but duct tape ? Ouch, this stuff sticks on my skin. I dont mind when I am bound, but when its taken off my wrists and ankles it hurts like hell ! See me with my wrists and ankles bound with silver duct tape.

Number of pictures: 61

Ball Gagged & Tape Gagged

Ok. So i can be a little annoying at times, but does that mean you dont like to hear me talk ? Well, I guess so, as my friend puts a ball gag in my mouth to shut me up. I am also handcuffed and shackled, and when i try to remove the gag he locks my hands behind my back ! Now I cant take it out. But, the ball gag wasnt enough, so he decides to tape my mouth closed with duct tape. Waaaaa !

Number of pictures: 139

Harley at the Old Warehouse

See me in my favorite Harley Quinn dress at an old abandoned warehouse. I love places like this ! But of course, I had to bring my handcuffs and shackles and be seen locked with old debris. I am also seen with my hands cuffed behind my back. More Harley sets to come !

Number of pictures: 116

Bound in my Strait Jacket

My customer bought me a new, black leather strait jacket. I LOVE it !! Am I weird that i love to be bound with no chance to escape ? It is so comfortable and I want to spend alot of time in it.

Number of pictures: 109

Ziptie Cuffed in Bra n Panties

See me bound in black zip tie handcuffs while wearing matching black bra and panties. I really thought i could break out of these zipties, but once they were locked on my wrists, I knew i had no chance of escaping. They are thick and I couldnt move my hands when they were pulled closed on me. How do I get them off ? or do i want them off ! hehehe

Number of pictures: 93

Wearing Nothing but Handcuffs

See me totally naked atop the bed while i am in handcuffed in pink hinge handcuffs. I have a great body and you all know it ! So why not show it off and i also have my wrists locked tight in handcuffs. I am cuffed in front and hands behind my back

Number of pictures: 112

Handcuffed in my Cowgirl Boots

Back from Nashville, TN and of course I had to buy a pair of boots while i was there. I love my boots and I love to be handcuffed ! See me in black chain cuffs wearing my new boots

Number of pictures: 152

Red Handcuffs&Sexy Black Boots

See me handcuffed atop the bed in red chain handcuffs wearing a skimpy bra and panties and my favorite pair of boots. I love these red handcuffs ! And the shackles locked over these big heeled, laced up boots are ohhh so sexy ! I am shown cuffed in front, behind my back and in a hogcuffed position. I love handcuff bondage !!!

Number of pictures: 131

Whip Cream and Handcuffs

See me handcuffed and topless with cans of whip cream. Ohhhh what I can do with whip cream will amaze you ! Care for a lick ?

Number of pictures: 115

Metal Bondage in Bra n Panties

See me handcuffed and shackled atop the bed while wearing a my purple & black bra and panties. I love the feel of metal on my wrists and ankles, as I know no matter how hard I try, there is no chance to escape them. Im shown cuffed in front, as well as my hands behind my back.

Number of pictures: 159

Handcuffed in my Bath Tub

Its bath time ! Im naked in my tub filled with hot water. Mmmmm But whats missing ? Oh I need to have my wrists locked in handcuffs. I can do that !

Number of pictures: 104

Black Leather Strait Jacket

I can escape many things, but I am not getting free of this strait jacket ! I love how it feels and then i have my feet shackled and Im shocked with a Neon Wand. Someone please help me !

Number of pictures: 106

Handcuffed at Red Rocks

See me on a cold november day at Red Rocks Nevada wearing my hoodie and black Ugg boots. I still wanted to be handcuffed, so I was locked over my sleeves. I dont like being cold Brrrrrr

Number of pictures: 84

Handcuffed in Peach Dress

See me handcuffed wearing a peach color dress and my black Ugg boots at Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana

Number of pictures: 130